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About Peggy Schmidt CPB

IPBC Certified Professional BookkeeperAs a IPBC Certified Professional Bookkeeper, Peggy Schmidt at In The Black Bookkeeping strives to provide the highest level of service and customized tax advice targeted towards educating our clients of their most ideal financial solution. We achieve this in comfortable atmosphere where you are at ease to ask questions and take the time to do effective tax planning. We want to build a long-term relationship with you as our client and as our friend.

Our Service

Year Round Tax ServicesWe offer year round tax services using leading technology for fast service, submission and return for our clients. Our staff participates in annual tax training to deliver the greatest refund for your tax return. Our personalized service doesn’t end once a return has been filed. We also offer a personal tax planning session to help you determine the best strategy going forward. Our clients can call at anytime, knowing we will provide them with timely and accurate answers to their queries. The Canada Revenue Agency will perform reviews of returns from time to time, and our clients can be assured that we will work with them and steer them through the process to resolve any review. We will be with you from start to finish. We can guarantee the greatest refund for each and every one of our clients, because we work with them throughout the year and not just at tax time. We offer advice on in-depth tax planning, and investing in and out of RRSP’s. Life is constantly changing and so will your tax and investment strategies.

Business Services

Running a small business requires attention to detail and specialized knowledge in a multitude of areas. As an owner, you need your business to run perfect, but hiring a full-time Accountant may not be in your budget. Peggy Schmidt has expertise in the whole business enterprise, to be able offer solutions to meet those daily demands to ensure you succeed with your business.

Choosing a Bookkeeper

Keeping the books is one of those fundamental business tasks that doesn’t appeal to most entrepreneurs. For that reason, one of the first tasks that many small business owners perform is to find a bookkeeper. Bookkeepers come in all shapes and sizes, from part-time, home-based individuals to bookkeeping services.

When you try and find a bookkeeper, you should look for several traits, first and foremost being honesty. Your bookkeeper will be entering deposits and checks and balancing accounts, as well as producing the very sorts of financial reports designed to reveal the existence of problems such as fraud and theft. You need to be able to trust them.

Hiring a BookkeeperYour bookkeeper must understand basic business accounting, such as types of accounts and how to produce essential reports, like the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement. That’s why it’s best to seek someone with experience and the references to prove it, and not a trustworthy friend or relative who lacks these essential skills.

It’s also vital that your bookkeeper is familiar with modern small business accounting packages. Today’s bookkeeping and financial systems are heavily automated, even for the smallest of businesses. Pen and ink bookkeeping sufficed for small businesses in the old days, but today your “books” had better be kept on a hard drive, not a shelf. Digital data allows for much simpler, faster, and more sophisticated analysis of your company's information.

Detail oriented people tend to be the best bookkeepers. In fact, when it comes to making the books balance at the end of the month; a very detail oriented person will have the level of accuracy and precision that the task requires. Someone who wants to categorize every expense item as “miscellaneous,” for instance, isn’t going to do you much good at the end of the month.

Hiring a BookkeeperWhile taking care of all those details, a good bookkeeper won’t get bogged down in them. When you find a bookkeeper, you need to be able to count on timely completion of critical tasks, such as bank statement reconciliation and preparation of monthly financial reports. If problems arise, you need to know that your bookkeeper will inform you in time to do something about them.

Excellent communication skills aren’t normally associated with folks who talk of debits and credits, but the best bookkeepers are more than silent number crunchers. You need to be able to explain to your bookkeeper what you want, and any problems or issues that come up should be communicated to you clearly and thoroughly.

Personality is another trait most people don’t consider when it comes to bookkeepers. But you’ll be spending plenty of time with your bookkeeper, explaining what’s going on in your business and asking questions about what the numbers show. It’s important to find someone who you can get along with and relate to.

Even while making sure your bookkeeper meets these requirements, remember that bookkeepers aren’t accountants. They don’t need to have mastered tax planning or financial analysis. No matter how good your bookkeeper, you still need an accountant to help you with these and other advanced technical tasks.

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